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Altera DE0 Board

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Altera DE0 Board

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    mua kit fpgaThe DE0 Development and Education board is designed in a compact size with all the essential tools for novice users to gain knowledge in areas of digital logic, computer organization and FPGAs. It is equipped with Altera Cyclone III 3C16 FPGA device, which offers 15,408 LEs. The board provides 346 user I/O pins, and is loaded with a rich set of features that makes it suitable to be used for advanced university and college courses, as well as the development of sophisticated digital systems. The DE0 combines the Altera low-power, low-cost, and high performance Cyclone III FPGA to control the various features of the DE0 Board. The DE0 Development Board includes software, reference designs, and accessories required to ensure the user simple access in evaluating their DE0 Board.

    • FPGA
      • Cyclone III 3C16 FPGA
        • 15,408 LEs
        • 56 M9K Embedded Memory Blocks
        • 504K total RAM bits
        • 56 embedded multipliers
        • 4 PLLs
        • 346 user I/O pins
        • FineLine BGA 484-pin package
    • Memory
      • SDRAM
        • One 8-Mbyte Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory chip
      • Flash memory
        • 4-Mbyte NOR Flash memory
        • Support Byte (8-bits)/Word (16-bits) mode
      • SD card socket
        • Provides both SPI and SD 1-bit mode SD Card access
    • Interface
      • Built-in USB Blaster circuit
        • On-board USB Blaster for programming
        • Using the Altera EPM240 CPLD
      • Altera Serial Configuration device
        • Altera EPCS4 serial EEPROM chip
      • Pushbutton switches
        • 3 pushbutton switches
      • Slide switches
        • 10 Slide switches
      • General User Interfaces
        • 10 Green color LEDs
        • 4 seven-segment displays
        • 16x2 LCD Interface (Not include LCD module)
      • Clock inputs
        • 50-MHz oscillator
      • VGA output
        • Uses a 4-bit resistor-network DAC
        • With 15-pin high-density D-sub connector
        • Supports up to 1280x1024 at 60-Hz refresh rate
      • Serial ports
        • One RS-232 port (Without DB-9 serial connector)
        • One PS/2 port (Can be used through a PS/2 Y Cable to allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse to one port)
      • Two 40-pin expansion headers
        • 72 Cyclone III 3.3V I/O pins, as well as 8 power and ground lines, are brought out to two 40-pin expansion connectors
        • 40-pin header is designed to accept a standard 40-pin ribbon cable used for IDE hard drives 

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