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Altera DSP Development Kit, Stratix V Edition

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Altera DSP Development Kit, Stratix V Edition

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    mua kit fpga
    The DSP Development Kit, Stratix® V Edition provides a complete design environment that includes all the hardware and software you need to begin developing DSP-intensive FPGA designs immediately. The development kit is RoHS compliant. You can use this development kit to do the following:

    • Develop and test PCI Express® (PCIe® ) designs at data rates up to Gen3 using the PCIe short card form factor-compliant development board
    • Develop and test memory subsystems for DDR3 or QDR II memories
    • Use the high-speed mezzanine card (HSMC) connectors to interface to one of over 35 different HSMCs provided by Altera partners, supporting protocols such as Serial RapidIO® , 10-Gbps Ethernet, SONET, CPRI, OBSAI, and others

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