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    mua kit fpga

    The VEEK-MT2S Development Kit is a comprehensive embedded design environment with everything  developers need to create processing-based systems. The VEEK-MT2S delivers an integrated platform including hardware, design tools, and reference designs for developing embedded software and hardware platforms in a wide range of applications. The fully integrated kit allows developers to rapidly customize their processor and IP to best suit their specific application. The VEEK-MT2S features a DE10-Standard development board targeting Intel Cyclone® V SX SoC FPGA, as well as a capacitive LCD multimedia color touch panel which supports 5-point multi-touch and gestures.

    The all-in-one embedded solution offered on the VEEK-MT2S, in combination with LCD touch panel and digital image module, provides developers the ideal platform for multimedia applications with unparallel processing performance. Developers can benefit from the use of FPGA-based embedded processing system utilizing mitigating design risk and obsolescence, design reuse, reducing bill of material (BOM) costs by integrating powerful graphics engines within the FPGA.

    Please refer to the VEEK-MT2S Control Panel for SoC reference design in Linux touch-screen display.


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