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DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit

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DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit

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    mua kit fpga

    A groundbreaking embedded platform that combines an Intel embedded N2600 processor with the flexibility of an Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA, DE2i-150 is a full-featured computer system that fuses together the world of high performance processing and unbelievably high configurability. The Altera Cyclone IV GX FPGA on the DE2i-150 board is able speed up the responsiveness of the system while still keeping your solution cost and power effective.

    DE2i-150 is equipped with around 150K logic elements with ultimate flexibility in terms of reconfiguration of actual hardware circuity and intellectual property as well as on-board multimedia peripherals, extendibility options for a true system-ready solution for any task.

    The Intel Atom processor and the FPGA device are linked together via two high-speed PCIe lanes such that high speed communication between them is guaranteed. DE2i-150 offers a powerful hardware-software co-development environment with amazing and unlimited potential.

    DE2i-150 is selected as the instant boot platform by WinZent for its wION (Instant ON) legacy BIOS solution in 2014.

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