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DE0-Nano Development and Education Board

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DE0-Nano Development and Education Board

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    mua kit fpga

    DE0-Nano Development and Education Board

    Cyclone® IV EP4CE22F17C6N FPGA

    • 22,320 Logic elements (LEs)
    • 594 Embedded memory (Kbits)
    • 66 Embedded 18 x 18 multipliers
    • 4 General-purpose PLLs
    • 153 Maximum FPGA I/O pins 

    Configuration Status and Set-Up Elements

    • On-board USB-Blaster circuit for programming
    • FPGA Serial Configuration Device (EPCS)

    Expansion Header

    • Two 40-pin Headers (GPIOs) provides 72 3.3V I/O pins
    • Two 5V power pins, two 3.3V power pins and four ground pins
    • One 26-pin header provides 16 3.3V digital I/O pins and 8 analog input pins to connect to analog sensors, etc 

    Memory Devices

    • 32MB SDRAM
    • 2Kb I2C EEPROM 

    General User Input/Output

    • 8 green LEDs
    • 2 debounced push-buttons
    • 4 dip switches 


    • ADI ADXL345, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) 

    A/D Converter

    • NS ADC128S022, 8-Channel, 12-bit A/D Converter
    • 50 ksps to 200 ksps 

    Clock System

    • On-board 50MHz clock oscillator

    Power Supply

    • USB Type mini-AB port (5V)
    • Two DC 5V pins of the GPIO headers (5V)
    • 2-pin external power header (3.6-5.7V)


     Connect D5M

    • Connect with 5-megapixel CMOS Sensor (D5M) 

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